Can Stress During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage? share your experience with us

Can Stress During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage? share your experience with us

what is stress? Stress is the normal response that you may have when you are facing any challenge. Feelings of stress may disappear after challenge has ended.

Experience excessive stress isn't good for your overall health, but there's no evidence that stress results in miscarriage. However, some professionals & researchers highlight that stress during pregnancy may be a risk for miscarriage. They clarify that there is a possible relation between stress and early pregnancy loss. Some researchers highlight that the connection of stress to miscarriage may be related to the hormonal implications of stress on the body. They clarify it as :  increased cortisol may affect the placenta & also impacts  on how other hormones behave. For example, Prolactin, which stimulates the production of progesterone , decreases by stress. this means that both hormones may be suppressed by stress. However, major medical organizations and health authorities do not consider stress a risk factor for miscarriage.

The pregnancy tension & stress may lead to depression in some ladies.  To cope with stress or depression, some ladies use harmful substances like alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Accordingly using harmful substances may increase the risk of pregnancy complications & may lead to miscarriage.

How to manage stress during pregnancy

You may need to alleviate anxiety to improve your overall health. you need to try the following:

  • Get extra rest
  • Ask for help 
  • Try to reduce obligations
  • Get regular exercise
  • have time with your friends
  • Practice open communication with your family
  • take classes for pregnancy tips & support 
  • Practice relaxation techniques & exercises 
  • Seek Doctor or medical support
your experience with us
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