How to Calculate your baby delivery date ?

How to Calculate your baby delivery date ?
The reverse due date calculator gives you a window in which you would conceive to target that prospective due date. May be , It can be fun to figure out your conception date or to try to pick your baby’s due date. It is really useful to arrange your self and family to this great event. However, The reverse due date calculator is definitely not an exact science.
The date is usually predicted to be 280 days from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. Your pregnancy lasts about an average of266 days. Doctors may tack 14 days onto that date to account for the first day of your last menstrual cycle through when an average day of ovulation occurs—which on average may be day 14. 
If you're already pregnant and if the date of your last menstrual period is unknown, then it will be more difficult to accurately calculate your reverse due date as well.

"Here is an example using the due date of December 8th:

  • December 8 minus 8 days in December = 258 (November 30th)
  • 258 minus 30 days in November = 228 (October 31st)
  • 228 minus 31 days in October = 197 (September 30th)
  • 197 minus 30 days in September = 167 (August 31st)
  • 167 minus 31 days in August = 136 (July 31st)
  • 136 minus 31 days in July = 105 (June 30th)
  • 105 minus 30 days in June = 75 (May 31st)
  • 75 minus 31 days in May = 44 (April 30th)
  • 44 minus 30 days in April = 14 (March 31st)
  • 14 minus 14 days would be March 15th."

In the example above using a December 8 due date, the pregnant person may have gotten pregnant on March 15th.

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