Which potty training method is the best? - Share your experience with us

Which potty training method is the best? - Share your experience with us
We all went through potty training journey with our little kids. we all have tried several methods. I just wanted to go back with you & share different methods. Share your best practices with us for other parent's benefits
1- try to introduce the toilets early as possible 
2- Join your child in choosing a comfortable, funny & attractive potty chair. Enjoy using the same potty chair regularly in the potty training journey
3- Give your child the experience of warning underwear. Get your child to be excited about it. Tell your child that you have grown up & he/she is ready to wear the underwear like a grown-up girl/boy & Mommy & Daddy.
4- visit the toilet from time to time & let your child enjoy sitting on his/her potty chair. 
5-Leave your child 5 to 10 mins in the toilet 
6- Celebrate with your child every success & give the reward as you can.
7- Always guide your child to visit the toilet (Pee) before going to bed or going out the home 
8-Try to use pee alarm while sleeping 
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