what do you know about Hyperlexia and Autism? Are your kids struggle to understand what they are reading ?

what do you know about Hyperlexia and Autism?  Are your kids struggle to understand what they are reading ?

 Hyperlexia and Autism: It is related to advance reading skills. It is about learning to read in early stage without being taught, having a strong preference for letters and books, and having an accompanying neurodevelopmental disorder.

let me clarify more, kids with hyperlexia & autism are often self-taught readers’ skills and can read well above it is expected at their age. However, they are struggling to understand what they are reading. They excel in knowing how to decode written words but struggle with comprehension. Hyperlexia alone doesn't serve as an autism diagnosis. It's possible to have hyperlexia without autism

Signs and Symptoms:

Kids with hyperlexia will experience advanced reading skills when they are about 2 to 4 years old. Those Kids have an intensive enchantment with letters, other forms, and sometimes numbers. Professionals highlight that Kids may have love for letters even before they know the sounds of the letters. when kids start reading or decoding the words in books, kids with hyperlexia will appear to be exceptional readers, but they have trouble in comprehending what they have read & have difficulties answering any  question accordingly. Accordingly reading to whose kids is a repetitive and a limited behavior related to decoding as the primary goal rather than comprehension. 

If your child is fascinated with letters in early stage as 18 months . You need to check their comprehension of the words. Ask them to tell you what happened in the story & ask them specific questions related to the text. However, you may need to talk to their doctor to check your child if you notice that your child may be in continuous looking at the letters, and totally fascinated with them, without catching the meaning of what he read. You may need to monitor your child's early reading and keep record of your observations to share them with the doctor. Your child's treatment plan will likely evolve and change as they grow and learn and as a parent you play a vital role in that. 

On the other hand, if your child is reading at a remarkably early age, it does not automatically mean that they are hyperlexic or on the autism spectrum. once your child is diagnosed with hyperlexia, please remember that this means they have a unique way of learning and communicating. Your love and care will support their treatment plan.


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