Can I have a baby after having breast cancer?

Can I have a baby after having breast cancer?

Many women may become pregnant after being treated of breast cancer. If you might want to have children one day, You need to talk with your doctor  before you begin breast cancer treatment. If you're able to become pregnant after your breast cancer treatment, there's neither researches evidence that you're at increased risk of the cancer returning and or evidence that there are any health risks for children born after breast cancer treatment. Some treatments for breast cancer might affect a woman’s fertility, causing  cause immediate or delayed infertility.


Could pregnancy or breastfeeding might cause my breast cancer come back?

Breast cancer ladies who want to become pregnant may be advised to wait at least 2 years after treatment is finished before trying. Many breast cancers are sensitive to estrogen, the high hormone levels that result from a pregnancy may increase the chance of the cancer to come back. However, studies did not assure or show evidence that pregnancy increases the risk of the cancer coming back after successful treatment. Some women may have the ability to breastfeed after breast cancer treatment, but this depends on the treatment they received and other factors that your doctor only can discuss with you. With history of breast cancer may highlight an increase risk of some possible complications of pregnancy, as pre-term delivery, having a low-birth-weight baby, and the need for a cesarean section. If you had breast surgery, you may have problems with breastfeeding from the affected breast as reduced milk production. Also it will be harder for the baby to latch onto the breast. However, some women are able to breastfeed.




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