How to detect a cryptic pregnancy

How to detect a cryptic pregnancy

Cryptic pregnancies are the same as regular pregnancies, but with just one big difference. The woman doesn’t know she’s pregnant until halfway through the pregnancy.

Other names for cryptic pregnancy are’ hidden pregnancy’, ‘stealth pregnancy’, ‘denied pregnancy’ or ‘undetected pregnancy’.

The earlier cryptic pregnancy is diagnosed, the better the outcome for the baby.

The most common cause of cryptic pregnancy is a fertilized egg that implants itself in the endometrium, or uterine lining.

Symptoms of cryptic pregnancy include nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness.

  • You may feel nauseous or faint.
  • Your breasts may be sore, or you have breast tenderness.
  • You might have a change in your usual menstrual pattern.
  • You might have trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much.
  • You may vomit frequently, especially early in the day.
  • You may feel the baby move
  • You may feel leg pain
  • You may have swollen legs or ankles
  • You may have larger breasts and breast tenderness
  • You may feel heartburn
  • You may have slight weight gain.

Another rare cause of cryptic pregnancy is a delayed miscarriage.

A woman may have no symptoms at all, but she should still see her doctor if she thinks she might be pregnant.

If you think you have been pregnant but have had no signs or symptoms, your doctor will likely perform an ultrasound to confirm whether you are indeed pregnant.



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