What do you know about postpartum anxiety? Share your experience with us

What do you know about postpartum anxiety? Share your experience with us

Postpartum anxiety is when the mother experiences excessive anxiety during the postpartum period, it is the period followed the childbirth. Many people know about postpartum depression, which is a type of depression that can occur after childbirth.  Doctors highlights that postpartum anxiety differs from postpartum depression, including the symptoms, treatment options, and when to contact a doctor.

Doctors emphasis that anxiety is a mental health condition. The symptoms may include worrying thoughts, tense feelings, and physical symptoms such as increases in blood pressure. Postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression are not the same. Researchers highlight that 50% of the mothers with anxiety disorders may develop postpartum depression in the 2 months following childbirth.

Mothers with postpartum anxiety may experience the following:

  • uncontrollable
  • racing
  • consuming
  • recurrent
  • irrational 
  • frightening
  • disrupting
  • overwhelming

professionals clarify that mothers thoughts may be on few major areas of worry, such as:

  • a sense that something bad may occur to the baby 
  • fears about the baby’s health
  • fears about a parent or partner death or lose
  • irrational obsessions or fears
  • blaming oneself & feeling excessively guilty

mothers may experience physical symptoms with postpartum anxiety as:

  • muscle tension
  • restless & wound-up
  • a rapid heartbeat
  • feeling panicky 
  • unexplained exhaustion
  • trouble sleeping
  • trouble concentrating

tips may help in preventing postpartum anxiety as:

  • building strong social support from the husband, friends and family
  • managing or reducing stress during pregnancy 
  • Try to cope with life changes
  • talking to doctors and other medical staff that will be assisting about ways to reduce stress and gaining confidence 
  • getting enough sleep and exercise

Mothers who may experience any symptoms of postpartum anxiety should talk with their doctors as soon as possible


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