Can children get migraine? share your experience

Can children get migraine? share your experience

People of all ages may experience migraine. symptoms in children are similar to those in adults. if migraine symptoms start during adolescence, the person may likely to continue experiencing the condition into adulthood.

professionals highlight that symptoms of migraine in children :

  • a headache on one side of the head
  • moderate to severe pain
  • pain that gets worse with physical activity
  • a headache may last to more than 70 hours
  • nausea or vomiting
  • aura, sensory disturbances 
  • sensitivity to light or sound

Many children who experience migraine , may have family members with the condition, suggesting that there is a genetic component.

Common triggers to consider include:

Stress: Stress may contribute to migraine. Mindfulness activities for children may also help.

Dehydration: drinking enough water may help reduce migraine symptoms

Changes in sleep patterns

Environmental triggers: this may include weather changes, smoke, and bright lights, from computer or phone screens. 

Foods and drinks: check your child has eaten on days when they have symptoms and check for a pattern

If your child experience migraine symptoms , try to visit doctor & try record the following to give the doctor clear picture :

  • the length and severity of the episode
  • the time and date that the symptoms occurred
  • any possible triggers

In addition, try to do the following at home , till you visit a doctor 

  • applying cool or warm compresses to their head
  • moving the child to a quiet, darkened room
  • offering them an eye mask to block out any light
  • massaging any tense of any muscles
  • encouraging the child to sleep

However, you need to seek emergency medical care or visit the doctor urgently if your child experience some migraine symptoms of those of more serious health issues:

  • a sudden, severe headache with no other  children migraine symptoms
  • a headache with the worst pain that they ever experienced
  • a headache after a head injury
  • a headache and any of the following:
    • a stiff neck
    • confusion
    • a seizure
    • loss of consciousness
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