What to know about measles? share your experience with us

What to know about measles? share your experience with us

Measles is can lead to life-threatening complications. Measles is an infectious illness caused by the rubeola virus. World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that vaccination offers effective protection from measles. 


Measles is a viral disease that may cause great symptoms and may lead to life-threatening. Symptoms may include :

  • a fever , may reach to (40°C)
  • sneezing
  • a cough
  • a runny nose
  • body aches
  • watery eyes
  • small white spots in the mouth, appearing 2–3 days after early symptoms
  • a red rash, appearing around 3–5 days after symptoms start

Doctors highlights that The rash may start at the hairline and spreads down through the body. It may appear as flat, red spots, but then small bumps may appear on top.

You need to see the doctor urgently when any of the symptoms appear to you or your baby.

Other serious complications may arise, some may be severe to include as 

  • severe diarrhea 
  • vision loss
  • an infection that causes brain swelling
  • other respiratory infections

During pregnancy, measles may cause series issues :

  • loss of pregnancy
  • low birth weight
  • early delivery

let me share with you how symptoms develop:

The virus may enter the body from the mouth, nose to directly enters the lungs to affect the immune cells.

These cells move to the lymph nodes & accordingly transfer the virus to other cells through the body releasing virus particles into the blood.

As the blood travels ,  the virus reaches to different body organs, including the liver, the skin, the central nervous system, and the spleen.

In the skin, the measles virus causes inflammation that gives rise to the hallmark measles rash.

The infection in the lungs causes a person to cough  & that causes infection to other people.

if a person got measles once, they usually have immunity and are unlikely to have it again.

DON'T send your child having measles to school for about 10 days. Be careful that measles usually starts with cold-like symptoms, followed by a rash a few days later. 


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